A&K History

Ambitious Beginnings

Like many American success stories, A & K Construction, Inc., began as a young man's dream. Owner and President, Ken Hunt developed an interest in construction as a teenager helping a contractor who was building his father's first large home in Paducah, Kentucky. When he went off to college he surprised his family by electing not to follow his father and brother into the family business of orthopedic surgery. Ken graduated in 1980 with a B.S. in Construction Technology from Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky.

Hunt spent a few years working as a project manager for contractors in the industry, gaining in experience and knowledge. He also discovered that he was a natural leader and thoroughly enjoyed tackling big projects. Later, he spent two years as a project manager for Industrial Contractors, a large construction firm in Evansville, Indiana.

In 1987, the urge to start his own business began to exert a strong pull on Hunt and he decided to leave his employer, Industrial Contractors. Upon hearing of Hunt's desire to leave, Alan Braun, CEO and President, hated to lose his promising young protegé so he proposed a compromise. He offered to form a partnership with Hunt in Nashville, Tennessee and A & K Construction, Inc. was born. Hunt would run the company and Braun would serve as a silent but helpful partner.

Hunt got a cold splash of reality as the stock market experienced one of its worst single-day crashes in history on the day after he began his business. Undaunted, he persevered and kept his company afloat as the economy struggled for the next few years.

Hometown Investment

In 1991, Hunt decided that he would return home to Paducah to capitalize on his contacts there. His familiarity with the local economy and its community leaders paid off as his company began to grow. Hunt's ability to instill trust and loyalty resulted in many referrals and testimonies of his sincere desire to please his clients.

As they say, the rest is history.


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