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Bid Agenda

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 3:30 PM CT WKU Thompson Complex Central Wing - Bowling Green, KY  A&K FTP site
Zach Witbart
 11/9/17  2:00 PM CT Owensboro Parking Structure  A&K FTP Site  Bill Boyd
 11/15/17  2:00 PM CT
Bruce Convention Ctr - Hopkinsville  A&K FTP Site
 Ricky Tabers
 11/15/17  2:00 PM CT
Hopkinsville Sports Complex
 A&K FTP Site
 Bill Boyd



Note: All subcontractors and suppliers are responsible for staying current on all amendments. All addenda will not be posted on this site. To obtain username/password to the FTP site, please submit a request ( to be added to our list of subs/suppliers.

Bids may be e-mailed to or faxed to 270-441-7754

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