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Subcontractor FAQs

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Your success is our success. Subcontractors are the reason A&K has been in the construction business since 1987. We look to continue our partnerships beyond the project at hand. Our lasting relationships are about enhancing the journey together-through constant feedback, mentoring and continuous improvement. As we continue to expand geographically, our success lay in identifying and pre-qualifying local subcontractors for lasting and mutually rewarding partnerships. Additionally, we develop continuing relationships with trades that follow us to areas lacking experience for specific project needs. Our partnerships are strong because we are builders; we know and understand your trade.

We understand scheduling and the need for each subcontractor to meet their commitments so others may proceed in their trade. When working with A&K, safety is always our first priority-we look for partners who share this commitment. You will receive information at the pre-construction meeting explaining detail rules for each job site and instructions on how to perform an activity hazard analysis to best care for each of our employees. Every site is different but the basic safety tenets are the same. We provide you the tools to be competitive and to prosper because as your business thrives, we succeed together.

Insurance Requirements FAQs

1. What is the minimum Financial Rating acceptable for your insurance carrier?

Answer: AM Best Rating of A- and be an "Admitted Carrier" in the State of Kentucky

2. What minimum coverage's and limits are required?

Answer: Our INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS document gives detailed information and should be closely reviewed by your agent or insurance carrier to determine if changes are required in your existing coverage's to make sure the requirements are met and you are properly protected. Note that our insurance requirements apply to Subcontractors as well as Material Suppliers and compliance is required.

3. What are some important points on the General Liability requirements?

Answer: The Certificate must clearly show that the General Liability is on an "Occurrence Form" and that "Contractual" coverage is included. The "Additional Insured" wording on your Certificate of Insurance must clearly show that A & K Construction, Inc. is shown as the Certificate Holder and be included on your policy as an "Additional Insured" for both Premises-Operations AND Products-Completed/Operations. This is a critical point and the required wording is shown on the "Sample Certificate." Also note that coverage, including the Additional Insured requirement, must be continued for 36 months after the project is completed or the time required by the contract documents, whichever is longer.

4. Is it permissible for the basic Pollution Liability Exclusion found in the insuring agreements of our General Liability Policy to be amended by the insurance carrier by attaching an "Absolute Pollution Exclusion" (normally endorsement CG 21 49)?

Answer: No. We require the wording found in the Insurance Services Office (ISO) General Liability insuring agreements with the Pollution Exclusion "F" unchanged by any endorsements such as CG 21 49 or CG 21 55, or similar.

5. Are there other exclusion endorsements sometimes placed on General Liability policies that are unacceptable?

Answer: Yes. The Insurance Requirement document specifies that CG 22 94 (Exclusion Damage to Work Performed by Subcontractors on Your Behalf) and CG 22 95 (Exclusion-Damage to Work Performed By Subcontractors On Your Behalf- Designated Sites or Operations) are NOT acceptable and must not be Included in your General Liability Policy. Note that the Insurance Requirements also do not permit Exclusion for "Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS) or a Direct-Applied Exterior (DEFS) Systems." If the work you or one of your subs are doing under this Subcontract involves this type work, your General Liability must not exclude losses arising from installation or work on these exterior finish systems. Also, any exclusion attached by your insurance carrier to your policy in conflict with any of the coverage's or limits stated in our Insurance Requirements is not permitted.

6. Are there other coverage's required in the General Liability coverage?

Answer: Yes. Endorsement CG 24 04 – "Waiver of Subrogation to Contractor" must be included in your coverage, as is Endorsement CG 25 03 – "Designated Construction Project(s) General Aggregate Limit." Both are to be shown in the Certificate of Insurance. See the wording on the Sample Certificate.

7. Are there special issues on the Umbrella Liability requirement?

Answer: Yes. The insuring agreements of the Umbrella Policy must be a minimum of "Following Form" over the primary General Liability, including the Additional Insured provisions.

8. What about the Workers' Compensation?

Answer: Your Workers Compensation must include coverage in the state in which your business is located and the state where the project is located including State of Kentucky benefits if the Project is located in Kentucky. This is true even if you bring your employees who live in another state but travel into Kentucky, to the job site and are paid under another state Workers' Compensation Law. In this case, Kentucky coverage must be on your Workers Compensation policy on an "If Any" basis.

9. Anything else to note?

Answer: Yes. Please read paragraphs 1 through 9 under "Special Operations Coverage Requirements" to determine if any of those situations apply to you or your subcontractors on this project. If so, you should arrange for proper coverage so you are protected and the Certificate of Insurance should include the special coverage. As an example, note in the Insurance Requirements "Special Operations Coverage Requirements" on page 2 of 2, that IF any of the work done by you on this project falls under paragraph 5. 6. 7. 8., which deal with environmental-related work, you are required to provide special Liability Coverage. If that event and you do not already have the coverage, you should begin the process to obtain the coverage, which takes time and may be costly.

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